Saturday, April 16


Dilemme is a fun, fast and simple way to get answers to your fashion-related hesitations. Find out what you should and shouldn’t buy in just seconds by asking your friends or our fashion community.

Dilemme screenshot 1

Forget the time when you needed to message each of your friend separately in the hope of getting one more opinion while you were desperately waiting in the fitting rooms! With Dilemme, simply follow these three steps and get as much advice as you need:

1) Take one or two pictures of the clothes or accessories you are interested in
2) Share them with your friends or choose to ask our community by making your Dilemme public
3) Get instant feedback.
* By posting one picture, you’ll see how many likes and dislikes it got
vote animation
* By posting two pictures, you’ll be able to compare which one got the most votes
Swipe, compare, vote