Tuesday, September 06

Resources to learn Go

As an iOS developer, my job is to write mobile applications. But, I am now working
on a project where I am also responsible for the backend development. I haven't programmed in Go since I was in Japan and thus decided it was the perfect opportunity for me to pick it up again.

Needless to say that there are dozens of frameworks and languages out there that
are perfectly suitable for creating a web API. But I like Go for several reasons:

Below are the steps and links that I found useful when I started Go development.

  1. Take the tour to learn the basic syntax of Go.

  2. Build a simple restful API.

  3. Secure your API with JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

  4. Deploy your app on Heroku.

  5. Add a Postgres database.

  6. Everything else.

Finally, do not hesitate to check open source projects on Github. They are incredible useful to learn good practices.

Since I started Go development a couple of weeks ago I released two open source projects.
One is a Wanikani API wrapper and the other one is a Twilio library to send SMS texts.
They are definitely not the best piece of software you will ever see, but hey... practice makes perfect as they said.